Born 1982, Murray Bridge, SA. Lives and works in Adelaide.

Steven Cybulka’s practice encompasses sculpture and installation ranging from small scale gallery based work, through to large scale public commissions. Interested in manipulating space in order to elicit a heightened viewer response, he draws inspiration from Carl Jung’s texts on shadow play. Richard Serra, Aaron Curry and emerging German artist Clemens Behr are also major influences, informing the way his individual sculptural forms are articulated and configured. Currently based in Adelaide, Steven, who worked as a builder for ten years before going to art school, intimately understands the relationship between bodies, emotions and space.

Steven works intuitively, creating sculptures and architectural compositions that balance order and chaos, embracing each as part of a larger harmony. His sculptures and architectural interventions distort the space around us, resulting in new disjointed forms and geometrical planes. The relationship between space, body and emotion is central to the artist’s practice, whose works often evoke a complex of feelings, including joy, unease and wonder. His most subtle interventions involve the slight tilting of a gallery wall such that it seems to loom over the viewer. In other artworks, the wall itself appears to blister, new shapes and angles pouring out into world, disrupting the reassuring right-angles of conventional architecture.

In 2013 he completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts at Adelaide College of the Arts and in 2015 received his Honours degree (First Class) at the South Australia School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia and in 2013 he won the Arts Excellence Award (Sculpture) from the Adelaide College of Arts. In 2014 he was the inaugural Adelaide Festival Centre/SALA Artist in Residence at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

In 2016 Steven was commissioned to create a large scale site responsive sculpture to act as the framework for the prestigious Primavera: Young Australian Artists exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and in December of the same year presented his first interstate solo exhibition, 'Searching Shadows', at Interlude Gallery, Sydney.

Public Artwork is a prominent focus in Steven’s practice, having been commissioned to create large scale sculptural works including Changing Spaces, for Adelaide Festival Centre in 2014, and Transition…109 for Adelaide City Council in 2015, and is currently developing commissions for SA Power Networks, Adelaide, and Sound Passage, in collaboration between the South Australian Government and the West Java Government in Bandung, Indonesia.

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