Art And Architecture Merge To Create An Integrated Public Artwork

The recently completed Ergo Apartments development in Sturt Street is now adorned with a unique collection of artworks integrating three elements complementing the architecture and design of the site.

The artworks, titled Transition…109 by local artist Steven Cybulka, is made of 109 facets reflecting both the transition of shapes within the work and the movement of the space itself.

Steven describes the integrated artwork as a merging of art and architectural design reflecting his personal transition from the building industry to artist.

“The pieces are contemporary, vibrant and engaging and also interactive, adding to the experience of the area both visually and practically for the residents and public who use the space,” said Steven.

“The flowing curves of the paving and landscaping design, along with the clean straight lines of the apartment building, shape the artwork to exist harmoniously in the space and with the surrounding architectural design.”

Councillor and Public Art Round Table member, Natasha Malani, said the artwork reflects the way modern development can incorporate contemporary art to activate a space whilst also provide functionality.

“The sculptures become part of the space without losing their integrity as a dynamic work of art and at the same time they provide practicality and functionality.
 Using contemporary art within a unique development like Ergo Apartments engages the public with both the art and the building, allowing a well-designed space to enable a strong connection and sense of community to a place.”

Construction of Ergo apartments has recently been completed with all apartments sold and residents beginning the move into their new homes.

Adelaide City Council August 2015

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