Every Chalice is a Dwelling Place, The Mill, 2014

Why do we feel “at home” in certain places? What is it about a place that can make us feel so welcome, and what is it about another that can bring on that dreaded sense of unease? Can it be argued that it’s an outcome of many unconscious feelings? Yes, perhaps. Is it dependent on your age, your socio-economic make-up, whether or not you are a migrant as well? Surely. Usually we only become aware of these unconscious feelings when we leave the place they are connected to, or when this place itself is changing.

Honours student Steven Cybulka is interested in the emotional responses we have to places, and in particular to the continually changing nature of these feelings. His site-specific installation at The Mill - a place made up of diverse range of Adelaide’s artist identities - will investigate the seen and unseen within our individual emotional makeup, and questions what we choose to expose and what we strive to keep safely hidden. Using abstract geometric forms, Steven will create immersive compositions that vary in scale to explore these visceral feels. This exhibition will feature his largest installation work to date.

Tara Tahmasebi

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